Organized in 1956, the object of this club shall be the advancement of gardening, the development of home grounds and the furthering of city beautification. Our meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. Guests are always welcomed. Please email for additional information.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Sam Davis House, circa 1912

     Sam Davis a shipping captain married Rebecca Davis who was sister to Margaret Davis Cates ( a local historian until 1958)and built this home as a working farm for his large family when Bon Aire and Johnston were tidal creeks.

     This house is a gable-front-and–wing style with a hall-and-parlor floor plan. A shed roof add-on for kitchens and bathrooms are prevalent in this building style and as lifestyles and families grew and changed through the years this type plan easily changed along with the times. It was simple, popular and family-friendly.

     The homeowners have so much to share with you in this home and as soon as you walk into the parlor you will feel like family. There are collections of historical significance and antiques tastefully arranged with emphasis on presenting a vision of multi generations of delightful people through photographs and personal treasures. The kitchen and dining room will give you a glimpse of what life meant on a working farm – hard work, family gathering at the end of the day and simple pleasures of a life well lived. Natural greenery, home made decorations and the fragrance of fresh flowers will delight your senses inside and out as you share Christmas in the coastal south.

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